CMYK Coasters For Your Drink!

These Coasters Explain CMYK Beautifully

What better conversation piece for your home than a set of CMYK Mona Lisa Coasters!  It’s not always easy to explain the printing process to guests but these coasters bring the printing process to your coffee table in an easy to play with and understand format.

Printing is a science as much as it is an art. One of the things quickly introduced to those in print is the initialism CMYK, a subtractive color model (each color subtracts brightness from white – whereas RGB is additive as each color adds brightness from dark. RGB is used for light reflection and CMYK for absorption), and it’s often difficult to visualize how it works. 

You can find these online at Ebay – and there are a few other versions making their rounds around the internet right now as well.  I have seen Vermeer and even Van Gogh.  Get over to Ebay and pick yourself up a set!


CMYK is an initialism for Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (black). It refers to a subtractive color model, and process itself, of color printing. The K stands for Key, and represents black as the CMY colored plates are aligned with the black Key plate. This stems from old printing processes. And though this does vary depending on the company, the colors are usually applied in this order.

In an age where print revival is very much here, it’s good to see. 

EBAY LINK FOR MONA LISA COASTERS (I just picked up a pair myself)

~Source: C M Y K as its working

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