Print in 2017

By: Jason Shudy

As we all know print has continued to change over the years and print in 2017 will be no different. Many companies tried to remove print and costs that go along with it from marketing campaigns and the customer journey. They found out quickly that print made a much greater impact then originally measured. This is evident by the amount of catalogs I received in my mail box this holiday season.

Clearly print is ready to break out in 2017!

2017 should see the return of print and the integration of print into more digital campaigns. Many companies are breaking down the silos they have between digital communications and print communications. They know that bringing each together will ultimately increase response rates.

The key for many companies is to utilize data and improve how they personalized print in each campaign. As you saw in one of our recent articles (Millennials love print) people have email and digital overload. They need print as an escape from screen overload. Print can be touched which bodes well for the brain.

So as you think about what impact print can have in 2017 remember the last time you received a printed piece. Did you look at it? Did you open the envelope out of curiosity?

Of course you did.

So as you think about your marketing strategy for 2017 maybe it’s time to get back to print. Time to integrate it into digital campaigns and help improve the customer experience. Time to showcase your brand with cool printing effects. Time to print again in 2017.

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