So You Need a Typeface

Choosing the best font can be hard.  100 years or so ago, there were 10 choices and they all looked vastly different.  Investing in a typeface was a process, and a heavy one at that.  100’s of small metal chunks just to make up one size of one font.  In this era, typefaces are created and released daily.  Anyone with a design hand can create their very own typeface.  For those of us not that creative, don’t give up hope, there is an easier way to find a typeface.

Here are two of the best picture overviews I could find on choosing the correct typeface.

Need to know when to use Garamond or Futura?  Comic Sans or Helvetica?  By far and wide, this is the best walk through to selecting the appropriate font for the occasion –


Just start with the type of event you are designing for, and go from there.

If a quicker overview is something that interesting you more, I found this “Periodic Table of Typefaces” to be very helpful as welltypeface 1

Do you have a quick way of choosing fonts?  if so, please share with Inkondapaper below in the comments section!

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