Why Everyone is Falling in Love with Print Again

In this incredibly convenient and efficient digital age, why are we still hung up on print? You might not believe that this is the case, but it’s true. Research shows that: 46% of U.S. Internet users said they only read printed books [1] 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising Read more about Why Everyone is Falling in Love with Print Again[…]

Perception of Value

Today’s post was a guest submission and although not exactly print related, there is relevance in proving the value of print. Read on to learn more about the perception of value. Value is in the eye of the beholder. But what influences the beholder in their perceptions? Customer perceived value is incredibly influential when it Read more about Perception of Value[…]

Soy Printing Ink: Myth vs. Reality

“Green” is rarely black and white. More often, it comes in multiple shades of gray. And in the case of one “green” product, those shades of gray come in every color of the rainbow. The demand for soy-based ink is rising as corporate sustainability moves into the mainstream. First developed by the newspaper industry in Read more about Soy Printing Ink: Myth vs. Reality[…]

The Science of Printing Currency

Money is nothing more than a medium of exchange. For hundreds of years the science of printing paper currency has reigned supreme – our ancestors didn’t have to lug around gold coins when they wanted to buy goods and services (more money really did mean more problems!). Paper currency began when individuals brought gold to Read more about The Science of Printing Currency[…]

Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film

Today’s post is short and sweet.  A quick reminder as to just how far we have come.  This video is a peek into the now ancient world of movable type. “Upside Down, Left To Right” by Danny Cooke is a fascinating short documentary about letterpress printing. The film focuses on the Plymouth University letterpress, one Read more about Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film[…]

Counterfeiters puzzled by Canada’s plastic money

Canada’s plastic money is stumping counterfeiters. The RCMP estimate the number of fake bills passed on to retailers in 2015 dropped by 74 per cent compared with the previous year. That doesn’t mean people have given up trying to copy Canada’s banknotes — it’s just that even their best attempts to make fake cash are falling Read more about Counterfeiters puzzled by Canada’s plastic money[…]

Direct Mail vs Email – Who is King?

Email has long since been considered as a marketing medium that provides maximum reach for minimal investment and has served as an essential element of many a marketing campaign across any and all industries. However Direct mail, whilst having been subject to somewhat of a falling out of favor over the past few years is Read more about Direct Mail vs Email – Who is King?[…]

The New Catalog

In an age of digital distraction and ever-shorter consumer attention spans, the catalog is reemerging as a powerful way to engage customers to interact with brands on a deeper level—and it’s not in the traditional format you expect. It’s smarter, smaller, and less expensive to produce. It can deliver big impact by supporting digital experiences Read more about The New Catalog[…]