Why we love PRINT!

By: Jason Shudy

Today being Valentine’s Day and all I thought it was appropriate to outline why we love PRINT. As a blog that provides you informative articles and information on all things print all the time we needed to show print our love.

  1. Print has staying power. The printing press was invented in 1440. Offset printing in 1875 and digital printing in 1991.
  2. Print has evolved over time. Dare I say better then any other technology.
  3. Print can come in multiple forms from sell sheets to banners to postcards.
  4. Multiple finishing techniques can enhance any print piece.
  5. The brain prefers printing….see for yourself-HMMM…The Brain Prefers Paper
  6. Many things can be printed from paper to plastic. Canada has plastic money now.
  7. Catalogs! They apparently died with the internet and then came back. More on the new catalog here.
  8. Personalization!!! This has only helped print grow in the digital age. Kit Kat even started adding personalization to packaging.
  9. Color is complex and have you seen the Pantone factory?
  10. Print is making a comeback in 2017!

So why do you love print?

2 thoughts on “Why we love PRINT!

  1. Digital printing was invented way before 1991. The Xerox 1200 was introduced in May, 1973 and provided for digital printing. It is generally considered to be one of the first computer driven digital printers.

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