The Buddy L Printing Press

I’d like to start out by saying I’m real bitter about today’s post.  The Buddy L Printing Press has me HEATED! This small piece of print memorabilia has evaded my print collection on numerous occasions and last week it was closer than ever.  Then, just as quickly as a whale surfacing, it dropped back into the darkness to never be seen again.  Rarely have I seen this toy/press on Ebay and I will not admit here how much the bidding war climbed before some schmuck dipped in at the last second and outbid me by one dollar.  If said SCHMUCK is reading this, I hope you truly enjoy your new toy (ya big jerk).

Let me tell you a bit about this toy –

Buddy L Printing Press

The Buddy L company is famous for stamping out metal toys. Mostly famous cars and trucks, they produced a printing press with working type for approximately 5 years in the mid 1930’s.  Unlike my sets of Superior Marking type which is Rubber, these Buddy L sets came with a set of metal movable type.

Buddy L Printing Press and Cash Register

The toy I was seconds away from owning came with everything. The original booklet and they claimed a full set of movable original type just as you see here.  Can you imagine!  Almost 100 years and these little metal letters have survived and were still usable?!  I can only imagine what a cool toy this was for a kid in the 30’s.  For a father, being able to explain typesetting and showing it in practical application to your children.  Upside down and left to right.  What a moment under the Christmas tree right?!?!

Buddy L Printing Press

If you happen to have one of these in your attic, stumble upon one in an antique store, or have an extra in your print collection, PLEASE let me know.  You can read about my collection of Superior Marking Cub Rotary toy presses from the 50’s-60’s here –  Cub Rotary Press.

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  1. I actually have 2 of these, with alot of type set. not in as good of condition as the one in the picture. If you are still looking for or interested buying them, feel free to contact me.

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