European Paper Forests

European Paper Forests Growing Rapidly

Our friends over at TwoSides have no shortage of amazing facts about the sustainability of the printing and paper industry.  Some of our bests posts on sustainability have been brought to you by TwoSides content.  Their dedication to continually improving our industry’s environmental credentials and addressing the public concern is unwavering.  Repeatedly dropping amazing facts Read more about European Paper Forests Growing Rapidly[…]

I Bet You Bought A Mother’s Day Card

Seriously – I bet you bought a Mother’s Day card.  The majority of you, statistics show, bought more than 2.  According to the Greeting Card Association, about 133 Million Mother’s Day cards are sold each year.  The average per consumer, 2.8 Mother’s Day cards.  That’s a WHOLE LOTTA paper, ink, glitter, lace, and UV coating!  The greeting Read more about I Bet You Bought A Mother’s Day Card[…]

3D Print Your Face on a LEGO

Ever wanted a LEGO built to your likeness?  Well now we are one step closer thanks to this ETSY shop where you 3D Print Your Face onto your favorite childhood toy.  For a small fee they will 3D print your face and create you the ultimate LEGO accessory – bringing one or all of your LEGO community one step Read more about 3D Print Your Face on a LEGO[…]

How in the!?!?! Lenticular Explained

 Every day, there are hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of advertising messages knocking on your head trying to gain access to the part of your brain that decides to buy things. With so much money at stake, it’s hardly surprising that advertisers go to such extraordinary lengths to catch our attention. The only trouble is, our brains habituate: Read more about How in the!?!?! Lenticular Explained[…]