Watch Us Deliver – The USPS

This time of year it is important to remember the important people in your life.  Your Mom and Dad, Aunts and Uncles, Cousins, Siblings and one of the most unsung heroes of all, your USPS mail carrier!  That’s right, that ever so important person that brings you daily news and messages from around the country […]

Print and Viagra?!?!

Watching my nightly news when this commercial popped up on the screen.  They say and press is good press, but what do you think? A TV ad for Viagra that features a printing plant has been getting plenty of air time during World Series broadcasts – and stirring up lots of questions. What exactly is […]

Help!!!! I Ate a Fruit Sticker!

HELP!!!!!  I was starving.  Snagged the apple, chunked a bite out and….OH NO….I ATE A FRUIT STICKER! Calm Down. Take a deep breath.  It’s OK.  Those pesky little stickers on the side of your fruit are TOTALLY edible.  Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Nectarines and Avacado’s all come with stickers marking UPC#’s and country of origin.  For […]

Take A Sip of the PRINTED Latte

Confused right?  Not for long.  Simply put, Lets Caffe is a Taiwanese coffee chain that will print any image you want on the top of your foam, giving you a printed latte.  Just when you thought your local barista was getting good at the fancy designs, This chain is changing up the way they serve […]