A Guide to Popular Printing Techniques

In college in Waterford, Ireland, one of our class projects was called “Techniques.” The brief was to become familiar with as many popular printing techniques we could and show them through physical pieces. It was a fun project. However, when you leave school, you don’t always get the chance to work with these really amazing printing […]

Why Brand Colors Matter

How True Blue is Your Logo? When you were a kid, color was simple. Red was red, blue was blue, yellow was yellow. Then you grew up, went to work in the graphics department of a huge corporation and color has turned into a bit of a headache. Why is getting your blue logo right […]

15 Clever Packaging Ideas

Packaging is a necessary evil – so why not utilize it to it’s fullest.  These 15 clever packaging ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing. 1. A genius coffee lid cup that can also hold creamers and sugar. yankodesign.com Designed by Joshua Harris 2. Cord packaging that tears off to become cord ties. […]