The Best Print Template Resource

In design, sometimes it is hard to even know where to start.  All too often designers start from scratch and create a printed document from the ground up.  This isn’t bad, but you need to keep standard sizing in mind to maximize your use of the printing press and the press sheet you are printing […]

The best Photoshop Tutorial site around

Being that my college education started in 2002, I didn’t just receive your traditional “print” training while in school.  We were on the cusp of CTP (computer to plate) machinery, and job management software for running a print shop was finally on the market at a practical price.  My degree could go 1 of two […]

High end wrapping paper for the Holidays

I wanted my post today to be a tutorial of how wrapping paper for christmas presents is made.  The paper making process has been featured here at InkOnDaPaper a few times before – but I thought the holiday twist to the printing process would make the post extra festive.  Upon searching for a tutorial though, […]

The ‘Go-To’ Information Source for Inkjet Production Printing

As production Inkjet printing continues to take the industry by storm I wanted to provide you with a go-to source for all news and information. Printing Impressions has launched an Inkjet Production Printing Industry Center as part of its Website, Back in June Printing Impressions was part of a the Inkjet Summit 2013 that provided information on Inkjet […]