We’ve failed at defending PRINT

By: Jason Shudy There, I said it. As a print community we haven’t done a good job of showing how powerful print is, and I’m here to take a stand. It is time we show print for what it is……a results driven marketing tool. Plain and simple it may cost more but the results far outperform Read more about We’ve failed at defending PRINT[…]

How Revolutionary Packaging Can End Food Waste

Each year, 33% of all food produced ends up wasted, equating to 1.3 billion tonnes worldwide. But did you also know that about 95% of the food we throw away ends up in landfills or combustion facilities? What does that mean for our carbon footprint? Food loss and waste around the world accounts for 4.4 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions Read more about How Revolutionary Packaging Can End Food Waste[…]

Hurricane Matthew Mobilizes Southeastern Printers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — October 6, 2016 — The East Coast is bracing itself for Hurricane Matthew, the nastiest storm to hit the Caribbean in the past decade. The storm, which was on the brink of a Category 4 as of Thursday morning, is responsible for the deaths of at least 113 people in three countries. The Read more about Hurricane Matthew Mobilizes Southeastern Printers[…]