8-Color Printing: What’s Hype and What’s Real?

As wide format digital production printing evolves, new technologies and paradigms are constantly being added to the continuous flow of new products. While just a few years ago, four-color printing was the only way to go wide format, today’s buyers are exposed to many color concepts and many different terminologies that are often used to Read more about 8-Color Printing: What’s Hype and What’s Real?[…]

XCMYK Four-Color Expanded Gamut Printing

ALEXANDRIA, Ca. — December 2, 2016 — Idealliance, the industry association representing all facets of the global media supply chain, has released a new dataset and profiles supporting XCMYK four-color expanded gamut printing. After 26 international test runs over 15 months, Idealliance has released the XCMYK profile and announced XCMYK, a new colorspace representing XCMYK Read more about XCMYK Four-Color Expanded Gamut Printing[…]


Good article that I wanted to share on inkjet vs. the new Nanography. What do you think about this technology? When introducing Nanography® for the first time, I’m often asked, “How is your technology different from conventional inkjet presses – after all it uses inkjet heads to lay down the ink?” It is worth taking Read more about THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NANOGRAPHY AND INKJET PRINTING[…]

The Last Day of Hot Metal Typesetting

Need a mental break?  Take a moment to watch this blast from the past.  If you have never watched newspaper pages being typeset by hand then this should really amaze you. A film created by Carl Schlesinger and David Loeb Weiss documenting the last day of hot metal typesetting at The New York Times. This Read more about The Last Day of Hot Metal Typesetting[…]

Graph Expo 16

RESTON, Va. — June 9, 2016 — It all comes together for marketing pros, creatives and print buyers at Graph Expo 16, coming Sept. 25-28, 2016, to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., where the graphic communications industry’s latest business building tools, technologies and techniques will be on display. “Business models in the Read more about Graph Expo 16[…]

European Paper Forests

European Paper Forests Growing Rapidly

Our friends over at TwoSides have no shortage of amazing facts about the sustainability of the printing and paper industry.  Some of our bests posts on sustainability have been brought to you by TwoSides content.  Their dedication to continually improving our industry’s environmental credentials and addressing the public concern is unwavering.  Repeatedly dropping amazing facts Read more about European Paper Forests Growing Rapidly[…]

150-yr-old printing press still functions

More than 150 years ago, the elite Bangalees involved in indigo production used to treat farmers and workers inhumanely. Witnessing the cruel exploitation of workers by zamindars and the British rulers, Kangal Harinath Majumder left his job at a British-owned indigo production factory and began teaching students at his small village in Kushtia. However, his Read more about 150-yr-old printing press still functions[…]

Two Sides Celebrates Earth Day

CHICAGO — April 22, 2016 — Two Sides North America celebrates Earth Day (April 22, 2016) with the release of an engaging new infographic that illustrates key facts about how paper is made. Busting Myths About How Paper Is Made Designed to bust myths about paper production, and about other forest products, the new infographic Read more about Two Sides Celebrates Earth Day[…]

“Print Drives America” On the Road

New York – Printing Industries Alliance has announced that Marty Maloney their Executive Vice President is taking his presentation “Print Drives America” on the road. The presentation clearly positions and proves that Print is the dominant media! The presentation made its debut in a 50th floor CitiGroup meeting room in Long Island City last month. Read more about “Print Drives America” On the Road[…]