Print Trumps Digital in Attention?

There are few good things to say about printed media these days. It’s wasteful, inefficient, static, expensive to create and distribute. That’s why it’s all going digital. But apart from a nostalgic affinity (“I like the feel of a newspaper, it’s what I have always done”), there is a huge advantage that print has over Read more about Print Trumps Digital in Attention?[…]

Integrating Finishing Equipment with Production Inkjet Devices

As production inkjet devices become more and more common in press rooms many companies are looking for ways to integrate finishing equipment so projects can be completed inline. The less time the project takes the more efficient it becomes the more money in the printers pocket. Well better said than done. The key is looking Read more about Integrating Finishing Equipment with Production Inkjet Devices[…]

Is Production Inkjet a Cost-Effective Solution?

As more and more printers look at Production Inkjet many of them are thinking if they should move into this market or not. It is the latest and greatest, but the issue is that you need to have the work before you can put the equipment on the floor. Now this might be a little Read more about Is Production Inkjet a Cost-Effective Solution?[…]

Questions about Books and Digital Inkjet Production

If you’ve been thinking about adding digital inkjet to your plant then I would entourage you to read up on the below article from My Print Resource. Now I won’t recommend you add digital inkjet equipment because that is the hot item currently in the industry. The only reason to add this technology is if Read more about Questions about Books and Digital Inkjet Production[…]

WhitePaper-The Opportunity in High-Speed Color Inkjet

As high-speed digital color inkjet continues to take over the industry many printers need to understand the opportunity with current customers and find a way to invest in this technology. The answer is not throwing money at a new press and trying to fill the press with new work. The answer is to look at Read more about WhitePaper-The Opportunity in High-Speed Color Inkjet[…]

POP From start to Finish

Great POP sells product.  A great in store display can draw customers from across the store – and I have a few examples here to share. First: Absolut Bottle Displays – This one starts at Vacuumforming, by creating two sides of a clear plastic bottle.  Then digitally printing and hand affixing layers of images to Read more about POP From start to Finish[…]

Integrating Print And Digital-IKEA Catalog

I guess everything comes back to print is dead. Well I have a surprise for you. IKEA just married their PRINTED catalog, yes PRINTED catalog with a twist. Now you can download an app on your smartphone and to scan select pages from their new catalog anywhere in their home and the piece of furniture Read more about Integrating Print And Digital-IKEA Catalog[…]