The Science of Printing Currency

Money is nothing more than a medium of exchange. For hundreds of years the science of printing paper currency has reigned supreme – our ancestors didn’t have to lug around gold coins when they wanted to buy goods and services (more money really did mean more problems!). Paper currency began when individuals brought gold to Read more about The Science of Printing Currency[…]

Reminisce This Holiday With the Sears Catalog

Last night I was catching up on a few missed episodes of Jimmy Fallon and during one interview he stopped to reminisce about the Sears and J.C. Penney catalogs of his childhood.  How he would “fold over corners of the pages of things that they wanted.”  Leaving these catalogs around the house with folded pages Read more about Reminisce This Holiday With the Sears Catalog[…]

Can You Afford to Charge More than Your Competitors?

In the crazy world of print, so often the focus is on pricing.  How low can it go? How cheaply can the job be produced?  Where can savings be had? Bill Prettyman – The CEO of Wise – one of the largest independent print and marketing services providers in the U.S – had a great Read more about Can You Afford to Charge More than Your Competitors?[…]