Highcon Unleashes the Power of Paper at drupa 2016

Yavne, Israel – Under the slogan of “Unleashing the Power of Paper” at drupa 2016, in Hall 9, C50, Highcon reveals an entire world of applications that can be achieved by their digital finishing customers. From traditional print applications such as folders and packages to paper fashion, large format display items, and all the way Read more about Highcon Unleashes the Power of Paper at drupa 2016[…]

Offset vs. Digital Papers

Offset vs. digital papers: does the choice matter? “While it is possible to run some offset sheets on digital presses and vice versa without problems, it’s taking an unnecessary risk,” said Mike Blanco, GPA’s director of R & D and technical services, adding it’s critical to accommodate each press’ unique requirements. Offset presses use moderate Read more about Offset vs. Digital Papers[…]

Poop Paper – Paper Made From an Unusual Source

Poop Paper?!?!?! Plant fibers (typically from trees) are the usual base material used in making pulp for paper production. However those plant fibers don’t have to come unprocessed directly from the plant. The fibers can actually be gathered after being processed by certain animals and delivered for paper-making in their poop. Paper products can be Read more about Poop Paper – Paper Made From an Unusual Source[…]

10 Unusual Printing Facts

Printing has become a part of our daily lives. We use them for printing our most cherished  photos, reports to keep our clients happy, and term papers that we stayed up all night writing. Today’s post highlights 10 of the coolest, most interesting facts about printers, and how they’ve changed and are continuing to alter Read more about 10 Unusual Printing Facts[…]

How to Bind your Own Hardback Book

  School is back in session and what better way to show off your home crafting skills that to bind your own hardback book! The art of book binding is an ancient craft, but actually it is not very difficult to do and with almost no practice you can get really awesome results. If you Read more about How to Bind your Own Hardback Book[…]

Removing “Go Paperless-Save Trees” Claims

Thirty Leading North American Companies Remove “Go Paperless – Save Trees” Claims Two Sides North America, Inc. has announced that over 30 leading North American companies have committed to remove “anti-paper” based claims being used to promote electronic billing and other e-services as more environmentally-friendly. The Two Sides campaign is engaged with top Fortune 500 Read more about Removing “Go Paperless-Save Trees” Claims[…]

5 musts for designing an engaging brochure

1. First Define Your Customer and Then Define Your Brochure Finding out who your customers are will define your brochure. If you think your answer is “everyone”, you are likely to be mistaken. In the world of business, everyone needs to target to a certain extent. This may be by age, location or social status. Read more about 5 musts for designing an engaging brochure[…]

Have you checked out Two Sides?

As you all know we love to promote other groups, non-profits, companies and blogs here at InkOnDaPaper. Today we look at Two Sides. This awesome non-profit organization was created to provide members of the Graphic Communications Supply Chain a forum to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, improve sustainability standards and practices, Read more about Have you checked out Two Sides?[…]