The Printed Picture by Richard Benson

  Like many photographers these days, I have essentially no darkroom experience. I started out shooting Kodachrome 64. Those little yellow boxes of gem-like slides appeared a week or two after being dropped off for processing, and if you told me they were developed and mounted by elves, I couldn’t contradict you. The whole process Read more about The Printed Picture by Richard Benson[…]

Printing. Broader Than You Think!

By Gerry Mulvaney, European Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing Eleven days in May and June gave me insight into a number of different print businesses that I do not normally encounter in my daily life as a Landa Business Manager. My many years in offset lithography has given me significant insight into commercial printing, but Read more about Printing. Broader Than You Think![…]

Graph Expo 16

RESTON, Va. — June 9, 2016 — It all comes together for marketing pros, creatives and print buyers at Graph Expo 16, coming Sept. 25-28, 2016, to the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., where the graphic communications industry’s latest business building tools, technologies and techniques will be on display. “Business models in the Read more about Graph Expo 16[…]

Junk Mail

Direct mail is on the rise again

Since the Great Recession, there’s been a trend in America to shed all physical mail. Many companies stopped mailing catalogs, direct mail letters, and newsletters, all in favor of digital products. The news outlets even declared direct mail dead. Only a few short years later, direct mail is on the rise again. As a company Read more about Direct mail is on the rise again[…]

The Future of the Printing Industry – Part 1

Ripped straight from a fellow Print blogger – Terry Corman of Firehouse.  This is a great article on the future of the printing industry. Come back or go to Firehouse for the remaining parts of the series. It’s pretty brazen for a small player like me to take a stab at predicting the future of Read more about The Future of the Printing Industry – Part 1[…]

Why junk mail is effective

You may hate junk mail, but research says it works anyways. People may pass by billboards with their heads pointed elsewhere, click through video ads with mild annoyance and hit the mute button during TV commercials. But they still enjoy reading business-fueled snail mail. Direct mail evokes more emotion and remains one of the best ways to target local Read more about Why junk mail is effective[…]

A Steamroller Letterpress?

Here is a throwback Thursday for you. Now this is awesome. This is seriously a 7 ton steamroller letterpress! This machine can put some INKONDAPAPER.  Below are some pictures and I would highly encourage you to take a look at the article to learn more about the entire process. Source: Gizmodo

Integrating Finishing Equipment with Production Inkjet Devices

As production inkjet devices become more and more common in press rooms many companies are looking for ways to integrate finishing equipment so projects can be completed inline. The less time the project takes the more efficient it becomes the more money in the printers pocket. Well better said than done. The key is looking Read more about Integrating Finishing Equipment with Production Inkjet Devices[…]