State of Print Automation

The term “print automation” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Most commonly, it is used to refer to streamlining and removing human touch-points from the prepress side of the workflow—things like automatically quoting for jobs, automatic preflighting, allowing customers to upload, approve and put a job into the print queue Read more about State of Print Automation[…]

How the Pressroom has changed

If you’re in the printing industry then you know how fast things change. One day we are stripping up film the next day they have computer to plate machines. I’ve only been in this industry for about 10 year now and already I have seen some amazing changes in not only the pressroom, but throughout Read more about How the Pressroom has changed[…]


  Be prepared folks – because I am about to blow your minds.   Landa is the big player right now in Nano-Technology – And boy o boy does it look slick. I posted a couple of days about Memjet’s ink waterfall technology.  This one definitely seems like they have one up’d Memjet here. Taken Read more about Nano-Technology[…]

3 Important Ways Print Is Transforming Direct Mail

Print technology has evolved and made several advances over the past few years, especially with the introduction of the high-speed digital inkjet equipment. Because of this new technology print is designed to handle big data and push out communications based on the individual recipient in mind. This allows for thousands of versions within the same Read more about 3 Important Ways Print Is Transforming Direct Mail[…]