The Resurgence of Print – Airbnbmag

It’s Alive! The EKG flat-lines. The doctor peers at the clock to note the time of death, then—just before the end—a soft beep sounds from the machine. Print is not dead!  The Resurgence of print is here! While many thought that the digital world had overtaken print media for good, this year, content marketers are […]

Halftone – the Secret Print Ingredient

At first sight this might seem obvious. After all everyone knows that print is output as a grid of dots, that’s where the dots-per-inch (dpi) of your laser, inkjet or imagesetter come in. The higher your device’s output resolution, the more dots can be switched on or off, black or white, resulting in higher quality […]

All Hail Snail Mail

Direct mail gets a bad rap. As the majority of marketing and patient communication has moved online, snail mail makes even telephonic campaigns look positively revolutionary. But sometimes traditional methods still work the best. In fact, one study found that three-quarters of people opened direct mail, while 63% read it. Compared to average email open and […]

T-Shirt Printing Methods and Which One to Choose

Garment printing has gone a long way over the last two decades, just as digital printing has evolved into its own era. Today we’re certain that digital printing is revolutionizing the fashion and textile industry – which is reflected through innovative features such as printing on demand, fully customized material printing, 3D printing and even […]

5 Ideas to Spark Those Creative Juices

Jump-start your creativity and get inspired! Inspiration can come from exploring new places, disconnecting from electronic distractions, and even taking the time to look at familiar objects in a whole new way. Try one or more of these ideas to jump-start your imagination and get the ideas flowing: 1) Make time to be creative. Whether you […]

A Beginner’s Guide: The Press Check

Printing is a completely different imaging process than proofing. As a result, it is not always possible for the presswork to perfectly “match” the proof. Unfortunately, there is no objective, practical, way of defining what is an acceptable variation from the proof that still constitutes an acceptable pressrun. The role of the press check is […]

Buy This! 1000 Colors Halftone Puzzle

Every holiday I seem to eventually find myself circling a folding table and piecing together a jigsaw puzzle with the family.  Here is a challenge I am sure will take us more than the usual couple of hours.   Check out this 1000 colors halftone Puzzle – This 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle contains exactly 1,000 different […]