Fun Facts About Paper

I was looking into sustainabilitiy statistics last night.  It all started by wondering how much paper is recycled per year, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.  I learned so much about the paper industry during my quick research.  All paper companies have embraced green production in some form.   Most companies to…


CMYK (for Those Who RGB)

Whether you just quit your job to pursue your dreams, or you’ve simply had a request from a long-time client, sooner or later you’re going to have to design a set of business cards or letterheads or something else that ultimately forces a trip to the printing press. Since web geeks think in pixels and…

CMYK letterpress poster. Vector, EPS8

Choose Print!

I agree print is wonderfully tactile. It does something to our brain that a screen just can’t replicate. More and more marketing departments and companies are moving back to utilizing print because of that emotional feel that we get from a printed piece. Honestly I don’t know how to explain it and maybe it’s different for…


#FridayFunny Cruelty-Free Printing

Well another Friday and  you know what that means….Friday Funny time. We always have to go back to Sappi’s Off Register. This time we present the Cruelty-Free Printing episode. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!


Five Packaging Design Trends in 2014

Packaging seems to be one of the fastest growing avenues in printing.  Flexible packaging and carton packaging is something the print world must always supply, so the trend to invest in machinery capable of producing such pieces is on the rise.  We have posted numerous times here at InkOnDaPaper about new packaging converting presses, or…


Menasha Packaging Co. acquires Strine Printing Co.

NEENAH — Menasha Packaging Co., a Neenah-based subsidiary of Menasha Corp., has acquired Strine Printing Co., a family-owned advanced graphic production firm. Strine employs about 300 in York, Pa., where it has a manufacturing plant and two warehouses. “The acquisition of Strine Printing Company strengthens our graphic packaging, merchandising and fulfillment capabilities and supports our operations…