Direct to Garment Printing Hits the Runway during Fashion Week

I love when my google alerts catching something like this.  Direct to garment printing isn’t new to Fashion Week but it was out in full force again this year.  An almost completely unknown(to me) section of our industry and Epson is at the forefront.

The big push from Epson was their new press line. The SureColor F-Series Printers are built to be dye sublimators dream machines.  The F2000 is just one of many in the new line and it can do amazing things with direct to garment printing digitally to T-Shirts.

For over three years, Epson dedicated a team of mechanical, chemical, and software engineers to create an all-new imaging technology dedicated for printing direct to garments. This endeavor allowed us to rethink everything and ultimately design a garment printer the way it was meant to be.

The printer itself features Epson’s own MicroPiezo TFP print head, which is one inch wide and has 360 nozzles for each color. The inside of the nozzles are coated with anti-ink material, so the nozzles don’t get clogged, which would diminish print quality or waste garments on a poor print job. The ink used is the water-based CMYK and CMYK+ White Ink technology pigment, which will come in 250 mL and 600 mL quantities.

Check out some of these amazing and wild creations made possible by direct to garment printers

Check out that suit on the left!  Do you have something direct to garment digitally printed in your wardrobe?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

~Source: ChipChick

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