Environmental Impact Calculator of a Print Project

Mohawk has always kept their website stocked with great tools for designers and print sales people. This Environmental Impact Calculator is just one of the many gems you can find by going to Mohawkconnects.com.  Simply input your current or previous print specifications and this nifty tool will calculate Wastewater, greenhouse gases, and saved energy as well as much more. Click the picture to try for yourself!

Simply fill out the form below to calculate the savings derived from choosing paper with post-consumer recycled content*, from a manufacturer that matches 100% of its electricity with windpower RECs; and offsets thermal emissions with VERs to make the paper carbon neutral within its production processes.

Environmental Impact Calculator

Not only can you use their site for this great tool, but in the upper right they even allow for downloading it.  Feel free to ask your printer for the weight and paper used on your next project  This Environmental Impact Calculator can tell you just exactly what you are doing to help save the environment and keep printing green.

~Source: Mohawk’s Environmental Impact Calculator



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